Barn-yard pimpin'  

  • THE FAMOUS SOUL CONE : (Our original signature Soul Cone a parmesan waffle bowl filled with mac & cheese & our buttermilk chicken drizzled with our sauce) (Spicy or Original Chicken) $10.50 each

  • THA BARN YARD PIMP SANDWICH (Our signature Chicken sandwich a juicy spicy or original fried chicken breast topped with mac & cheese and our special sauce): $8 

  • CHICK'N ON THA HOUSE $10  (6 Butta milk fried chicken strips  stacked on 3 fluffy homemade Belgium waffles)

  • THA WESTBROOK $7 (2 soft buttermilk biscuit's drizzled with country gravy, topped with a fried egg (fried your way), and fried buttermilk chicken drizzled with more country gravy) 

  • BARN YARD CHICKETTE BASKET $9 (Comes with 12 fried chicken bites & Fries) (FLAVORS Listed below)

  • KOUNTRY FRIED CHICKEN OR STEAK BASKET $8 (Crispy fried buttermilk chicken breast country gravy with Fries or Mash Potatoes or Mac & Cheese) 


  • Flavors: 

  • BUTTA aka lemon pepper

  • SNO-HILL aka parmesan garlic

  • TEXAS  SWANGA'S aka our secret combination 

  • BOMBFIRE aka Hot wings

  • STREET CORNER aka Asian style

  • DOCKERS aka Henny Bourbon BBQ


  • DRUNK CHIC aka Strawberry margarita

  • SWEET CHIC aka chicken & waffle flavored

  • SOUTHWEST aka sweet chili

  • PLAIN JANE aka plain seasoned wings

Tha Drop Potatoes 

Delicious baked potatoes with a variety of toppings

    • DOWN SOUTH  $15 (baked potato stuffed with cheese, BBQ sauce, Fritos, homemade pinto beans, pickles, onions & shredded beef &  Elgin sausage)​ 

    • THA SUBURBAN $13 (baked potato stuffed with grilled chicken or fried chicken, cheese, ranch & bacon) 

    • THA SOUL $13 (the baked potato version of our famous soul cone) 

    • CAJUN D.R.I.P $15 (baked potato stuffed with mac & cheese,  spicy Cajun shrimp & crawfish sauce, topped with a piece of fried fish & dripped out with more Cajun sauce 

    • COUNTRY LIVING $13 (baked potato filled with buttered corn topped with a chicken fried chicken or steak drizzled with country gravy)

    • RAZZLE DAZZLE $13 (V) (baked potato with a cream sauce filled with black beans, onions, spinach, broccoli, and corn, and more sauce)

(Custom flavors and substitutions are available upon request. Certain ingredients may be left off as well)

Summer Time Body Salad"s 

Delicious, fresh salads served with your choice of a romaine mix, spinach or both 

  • Flavors: ​

    • Spicy Shrimp Taco $10 : Shrimp, black beans, corn, red onions, Monterey cheese, tomatoes, avocado, carrots, fresh jalapenos & black olives 

    • Chicken Bacon Ranch $9: Chicken breast pieces, bacon bits, Monterey cheese, cucumbers, red onions, black olives, carrots & tomatoes 

    • Roasted Chicken $9: Roasted chicken pieces, strawberries, blueberries, Monterey cheese, carrots, tomatoes & red onions 

(Custom flavors and substitutions are available upon request. Certain ingredients may be left off as well)

Beyond Expectations:

  • CAT-DADDY $12 ( our seafood po' boy comes with fried shrimp & fish Spinach, tomatoes, pickles and a our special sauce on a specialty bread)

  • SOUTHERN BIG BOY $10 (our signature BBQ po'boy comes with an Elgin sausage, shredded beef, coleslaw, BBQ sauce, pickles and onions on a specialty bread )​

  • THA WATSON $8 (Our smothered  fried pork or turkey chop sandwich layered grilled onions & gravy topped w mac & cheese on a specialty bread) 

  • CHOPP'D & SCREW'D $8 (A seasoned shredded BBQ beef and mac and cheese sandwich drizzled with bbq sauce on specialty bread) 

  • TROUBLE TOWN $3: (A breakfast sandwich filled with breakfast sausage, fried egg, a hash-brown, and cheese)

  • SLOPPY-WHICH $8: (This is not your average sloppy joe sandwich pilled with meat pickles on a specialty bread)


  • MAC BABY $3: (Single meat burga comes with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, & onions add Mac & Cheese $2)

  • MAC-MAMA $5: (Double meat burga comes with , cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, & onions  add Mac & Cheese $2)

  • MAC-DADDY $7: (Triple meat burga comes with, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, & onions add Mac & Cheese $2)

  • MAC (V) (Black bean burger w cheese, lettuce tomatoes, onions, pickles add Mac & Cheese $2)


Beyond Fries

  • FOUR WAY FRIES $15:  (Seafood fries layered with a creamy cheesy crawfish sauce topped with spicy sautéed shrimp & fried fish bites and layered with even more sauce) 

  • DOWN SOUTH FRIES $15: (BBQ fries layered with cheese, shredded BBQ beef, sausage, Fritos, BBQ sauce, onions & jalapenos) 

  • BEYOND FRIES $12.50 (Spicy crispy fried chicken layered fries drizzled with a Cajun seasoning topped with a creamy Cajun sauce)

  • NOT-CHO FRIES $15 (Crispy fries layered with Doritos, seasoned beans, ground beef, drizzled with queso blanco and topped with Jalapenos)


      Even More Deliciousness

  • CAT-DADDY BASKET $13 (Comes with 2 fried fish fillets and homemade fries or mac & cheese and corn on the cob ))

  • SMOTHERED PORK CHOP OR TURKEY CHOP BASKET $13 (comes with 2 pork or turkey chops & two sides)

  • CAJUNLADA MEAL $15 ( Comes with 3 cajunladas (aka chicken enchilada & spicy shrimp) & 2 Birria tacos, seasoned homemade beans & Jasmine rice)

  • BIRRIA TACOS  w THA CONSOME  3 FOR $6 4 FOR $8  5 FOR $10  6 FOR $12 TACO (MAKE IT A MEAL FOR $4 EXTRA) (Corn tortilla filled with your choice of vegetable(V), beef, or chicken! then layered with cheese, Pico, cilantro, and avocado fried to a crispiness) 

      Beyond Sides

  • MAC & CHEESE  8 oz $3 (Our homemade mac & cheese smothered in 8 different cheese, always made fresh never frozen or boxed)

  • VOODOO MAC & CHEESE 8 oz $6 (Our homemade mac & cheese smothered in 8 different cheese, Sautéed with spicy shrimp & crawfish, always made fresh never frozen or boxed)

  • ELMA J'S 8 oz $3 (Grandmas original southern cabbage, made from a 80 year old recipe)

  • GRANDADDY'S HOMEMADE BEANS 8 oz $3 (Our beans are slow cooked with the perfect combinations of seasoning, with a tiny bit of spiciness) 

  • JASMINE RICE 8 oz $3


  • CORN $2 8 oz bowl

  • POTATO WEDGES $4: (Crispy golden browned seasoned homemade wedges)

  • SMOTHERED GREEN BEANS: $3  8 oz bowl


     Beyond Appetizers

  •  FRIED CAJUN EGGS (Fried eggs filled with a Cajun filling topped with bacon & shrimp or chicken) (you may add crawfish tails for an additional price)

  • KEEF DA KIDZ  6  for $4(Stuffed Taki and cream cheese jalapenos)

  • TEASER'Z $8 (Four sliders choice of Chopp'd & Screw'd, Barnyard Pimp, or Sloppy-which)

(Substitutions are available upon request. Certain ingredients may be left off as well)


All orders are made at the time of ordering so they are fresh. Please allow 30-45 minutes for each order!  A pick up time will be given for each order and certain orders may have a higher processing time depending on the volume of the order.  Please pick up orders at time given, No refund will be given if order is not pickup at scheduled time! Thank you in advance for understanding. 

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